Saturday, November 9, 2013

Yoga Booty Ballet

I didn’t know that Yoga Booty Ballet was a thing until I saw the video that follows. I guess it’s something they’ve been pushing through infomercials. Wherever it came from it sounds so silly I almost skipped it, but I do love yoga, so I decided to try it.

 It’s insanely fun. I’m not coordinated enough to do it gracefully, but it gave me a good workout (I did the first video 3 times). I’ll probably not buy any of the videos because I’m cheap and tend to get bored with the same old workout, but there are a lot of videos on YouTube (how I love YouTube) to follow along with.


Here’s a longer one that I haven’t done yet, but plan on doing later today (Edit: I did this one and can say that it is an awesome butt workout. There is a lot of New Age spirituality mentioned regarding your inner goddess. If you like that or can get passed it, it's a lot of fun.



  1. It's amazing what new styles of workouts people will come up with! But hey, if someone didn't just improvise, we wouldn't have Zumba and that's insanely popular! Have you tried blogilates? So many youtube videos linked to her account!

  2. I know, right? I'm not creative enough or disciplined enough to do my own thing, so I'm glad people come with so many different workouts. I've heard of blogilates, but haven't tried it.

  3. Yeah, I would be useless on my own! I'd probably just sit on the floor and flap my arms around and say "is this ok?!" If you like youtube workouts then give blogilates a whirl!