Friday, November 8, 2013

How to Eat Veggies When You Hate Them

I can’t choke down healthy food that tastes bad. It literally makes me cry because I’m a spoiled American brat who thinks everything should taste like batter-dipped, deep-fried heaven covered in cheese. Healthy food has to taste good, otherwise I can’t hack it. Food has to meet that common ground between being good for my body and good for my soul.

That being said, I make a lot of smoothies because for some reason, no matter how awful they taste, I can swallow them with no issue (when I say smoothie I mean healthy ones, not creamy, delicious ones). I just toss a bunch of fruits and veggies in the blender with a little 100% fruit juice or rice milk and viola! I have an utterly disgusting delectable beverage that gives me a couple servings of vegetation without tears.

Today my smoothie was comprised of:
Handful of grapes
Handful of cauliflower
1 carrot
½ an orange
½ a cucumber
6 oz orange juice

It was interesting. Kind of fresh and peppery with just enough sweetness. Not something I would drink for enjoyment, but it did it’s job.

Now I'm going to go workout.
Smoothie of Health

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